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View Room-temperature Hall (MEMS room)CharacterizationLakeShoreHMS 7700A
View 22:053 Big preplabOther processes--
View 22:064 AFM, Tabletop SEMOther processes--
View 22:125 Ion millsOther processes--
View 22:126 Tabletop XRDOther processes--
View 22:129 Glovebox, mill, burnerOther processes--
View 22:132CharacterizationFPFp
View 22:133CharacterizationFPFP
View 22:134 Ole Bjørn's officeOther processes--
View 22:135 Phuong's officeOther processes--
View 22:136CharacterizationFPFP
View 22:137CharacterizationFPFp
View 22:138CharacterizationFPFp
View 22:139CharacterizationFPFP
View 22:140CharacterizationFPFP
View 22:142CharacterizationFPFp
View 22:161 Big grinding roomOther processes--
View 22:162 MultiprepOther processes--
View 32:024-ACharacterizationFPFP
View 32:024-BCharacterizationFPFP
View 32:024-CCharacterizationFPFp
View 32:062-ACharacterizationFPFp
View 32:062-BCharacterizationFPFP
View 32:102CharacterizationFPFp
View 32:105CharacterizationFPFP
View 32:106CharacterizationFPFp
View 32:107CharacterizationFPFp
View 32:108CharacterizationFPFp
View 32:109CharacterizationFPFp
View 32:112CharacterizationFPFP
View 32:151-ACharacterizationFPFp
View 32:151-BCharacterizationFPFp
View 3-zone furnaceThermal processesThermo scientificLindberg Blue M
View 4-point probeCharacterizationJandelKM3-AR
View Acid Wet benchWet process benches--
View Anechoic chamberOther processesUnknown2011
View Angstrom - E-beam and thermal PVDThin film depositionÅngstrom EngineeringEvoVac
View Atomic layer deposition (ALD)Plasma depositionBeneqTFS 200- 148
View Big blue tube furnaceThermal processesGero75242
View Birkeland Tube furnaceThermal processesGSL1100XGSL1100X
View Cross Section PolisherOther processesJeolIB-19520CCP
View DC Magnetron sputteringThin film depositionCVCAST-601, DC system
View EllipsometerCharacterizationWoolamAlphaSE
View Farraday CageOther processesUnknown2010
View FEI Titan 60-300Surface analysis & TEMFEI CompanyTitan G2 60-300
View Flextura - Analysis chamberSurface analysis & TEMPolyteknikFlextura
View Flextura - Annealing chamberThermal processesPolyteknikFlextura
View Flextura - Magnetron sputtering chamberThin film depositionPolyteknikFlextura
View Flextura - Remote plasma chamberThin film depositionPolyteknikFlextura
View Forming gasSample preparationAGAH2/N2
View FT-IRCharacterizationBrukerIFS 125HR
View High resolution powder diffractionCharacterizationBrukerD8-A25
View High-temperature Hall (MEMS room)CharacterizationLakeShoreHMS 7700A
View Image Plate DiffractometerCharacterizationHuberG670
View Ion implantation online characterizationCharacterizationCustom madeNA
View Ion implanterOther processesNECTandem Accelerator
View IT-300 SEMCharacterizationJEOLIT-300
View JEOL 2100FSurface analysis & TEMJEOL2100F
View Lagerrom-FysikkbyggetOther processesUiOUiO
View Laser CutterOther processesRoffinPL E 25 SHG CL Flex
View Leybold E-beam evaporationThin film depositionLeyboldL 560 K
View Lindberg Tube furnaceThermal processesLindberg59544
View Lithography Wet benchWet process benches--
View Low resolution transmission XRDCharacterizationBrukerD5000
View Low temperature powder XRDCharacterizationBrukerD5000
View Low-temperature Hall (Cleanroom)CharacterizationLakeShoreEM4 HGA
View Mask aligner 2LithographyKarl SussMJB55
View Moorfield - DC/RF Magnetron sputterThin film depositionMoorefieldMiniLab
View MOVPE / MOCVDEpitaxyEMFTitan Reactor
View Multi Purpose Powder X-ray DiffractionCharacterizationBruker AXSD8-A25
View NanoPVD - DC/RF Magnetron sputterThin film depositionMoorfieldNanoPVD Model S10A
View Network analyzer ZVA67 Network AnalyzerRohde & Schwarz2013
View Optical MicroscopeOther processesOlympusBX 41 M
View PCB-milling machineOther processesLPKF2012
View PECVDPlasma depositionAdvanced VacuumVision 310 MK II
View Probe station CharacterizationWentworth Laboratories Pegasus S200FA
View Probestation with laser cutterOther processesSignatone2012
View QSSPCCharacterizationSinton InstrumentsWCT-120 + Suns-Voc
View Rapid Thermal Processing - MicroThermal processesAnnealSysAS-Micro
View Rapid Thermal Processing - OneThermal processesAnnealSysAS-One
View RBSCharacterizationCustom made-
View RCA Wet benchWet process benches--
View Reactive Ion EtchDry etchingAdvanced VacuumVision 320 MK II
View Resist spinnerLithography-CEE 100
View Room-temperature Hall (Cleanroom)CharacterizationLake ShoreEM4 HGA
View Routine Powder DiffractionCharacterizationBruker AXSD8 Discover
View Scanning Probe MicroscopeSurface analysis & TEMNanonicsMV2000
View Semicore - DC/RF Magnetron sputterThin film depositionSemicoreTriAxis
View Single crystal X-ray diffraction (dual source)CharacterizationBrukerD8-Venture
View Small Angle ScatteringCharacterizationBrukerNanostar
View Small blue tube furnaceThermal processesGero-
View Solar simulatorCharacterizationNewport91160 Full Spectrum Solar Simulator
View Solvent Wet benchWet process benches--
View SpectrophotometerCharacterizationShimadzuSolidSpe-3700 DUV
View Stylus profilometerCharacterizationVeecoDektak 8
View Tabletop Maskless Litography/Aligner SystemLithographyHeidelberg instrumentsuPG501
View Temperature Dependent Scanning Probe MicroscopeSurface analysis & TEMNanonicsMV2000
View Thermal evaporatorThin film depositionBalzersBAE 250
View Thin Film XRDCharacterizationPanalytical Empyrean
View Transmission powder XRDCharacterizationBrukerD5000
View Tube 1 - 4-stack furnaceThermal processesThermCoThermCo
View Tube 2 - 4-stack furnaceThermal processesThermCoThermCo
View Tube 3 - 4-stack furnaceThermal processesThermCoThermCo
View Tube 4 - 4-stack furnaceThermal processesThermCoThermCo
View Warm cabinetThermal processes--
View WaveMaster 830Zi OscilloscopeOther processesLeCroy2010
View WirebonderDevice mountingSignatone2011
View XRDCharacterizationBrukerAXS D8 Discover
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