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View Room-temperature Hall (MEMS room)CharacterizationLakeShoreHMS 7700A
View 3D PrinterOther processesPrusaI3 MK3S
View 3-zone furnaceThermal processesThermo scientificLindberg Blue M
View 4-point probeCharacterizationJandelKM3-AR
View Acid Wet benchWet process benches--
View Allied MultriprepSample preparationAlliedMultiprep
View Anechoic chamberOther processesUnknown2011
View Angstrom - E-beam and thermal PVDThin film depositionÅngstrom EngineeringEvoVac
View Atomic layer deposition (ALD)Plasma depositionBeneqTFS 200- 148
View Big blue tube furnaceThermal processesGero75242
View Birkeland Tube furnaceThermal processesGSL1100XGSL1100X
View Cross Section PolisherOther processesJeolIB-19520CCP
View DLTS setup “Asterix“CharacterizationUiONA
View DLTS setup “Idefix“CharacterizationUiONA
View DLTS setup “Obelix“CharacterizationUiONA
View DLTS setup “Tiffy“CharacterizationUiONA
View EllipsometerCharacterizationWoolamAlphaSE
View Farraday CageOther processesUnknown2010
View FEI Titan 60-300Surface analysis & TEMFEI CompanyTitan G2 60-300
View Fischione Model 1020Sample preparationFischioneModel 1020
View Flextura - Angular-resolved UV photoemission spectroscopy (UPS) / (ARPES)Surface analysis & TEMSpecsFlextura
View Flextura - Annealing chamberThermal processesPolyteknikFlextura
View Flextura - Low energy electron diffraction (LEED)Surface analysis & TEMSpecsFlextura
View Flextura - Magnetron sputtering chamberThin film depositionPolyteknikFlextura
View Flextura - Remote plasma chamberThin film depositionPolyteknikFlextura
View Flextura - X-ray photoemission spectroscopy (XPS)Surface analysis & TEMSpecsXR-50 Twin anode
View Forming gasSample preparationAGAH2/N2
View FT-IRCharacterizationBrukerIFS 125HR
View Gatan PIPS IISample preparationGatanPIPS II
View High resolution powder diffractionCharacterizationBrukerD8-A25
View Image Plate DiffractometerCharacterizationHuberG670
View Ion implanterOther processesNECTandem Accelerator
View IT-300 SEMCharacterizationJEOLIT-300
View JEOL 2100FSurface analysis & TEMJEOL2100F
View Laser cutter - ELASOther processesELASMASTER Mini PSG-532
View Laser Cutter - RoffinOther processesRoffinPL E 25 SHG CL Flex
View Lindberg Tube furnaceThermal processesLindberg59544
View Lithography Wet benchWet process benches--
View Low resolution transmission XRDCharacterizationBrukerD5000
View Low-temperature Hall (Cleanroom)CharacterizationLakeShoreEM4 HGA
View Mask aligner 2LithographyKarl SussMJB55
View Moorfield - DC/RF Magnetron sputterThin film depositionMoorfieldMiniLab
View MOVPE / MOCVDEpitaxyEMFTitan Reactor
View Multi Purpose Powder X-ray DiffractionCharacterizationBruker AXSD8-A25
View NanoPVD - DC/RF Magnetron sputterThin film depositionMoorfieldNanoPVD Model S10A
View Network analyzer ZVA67 Network AnalyzerRohde & Schwarz2013
View Optical MicroscopeOther processesOlympusBX 41 M
View PCB-milling machineOther processesLPKF2012
View PECVDPlasma depositionAdvanced VacuumVision 310 MK II
View Probe station CharacterizationWentworth Laboratories Pegasus S200FA
View Probestation with laser cutterOther processesSignatone2012
View Protochips Atmosphere HolderCharacterizationProtochipsAtmosphere
View Protochips Fusion HolderCharacterizationProtochipsFusion
View QSSPCCharacterizationSinton InstrumentsWCT-120 + Suns-Voc
View Rapid Thermal Processing - MicroThermal processesAnnealSysAS-Micro
View Rapid Thermal Processing - OneThermal processesAnnealSysAS-One
View RBSCharacterizationCustom made-
View RCA Wet benchWet process benches--
View Reactive Ion EtchDry etchingAdvanced VacuumVision 320 MK II
View Resist spinnerLithography-CEE 100
View Room-temperature Hall (Cleanroom)CharacterizationLake ShoreEM4 HGA
View Routine Powder DiffractionCharacterizationBruker AXSD8 Discover
View Scanning Probe MicroscopeSurface analysis & TEMNanonicsMV2000
View Semicore - DC/RF Magnetron sputterThin film depositionSemicoreTriAxis
View Single crystal X-ray diffraction (dual source)CharacterizationBrukerD8-Venture
View Small Angle ScatteringCharacterizationBrukerNanostar
View Small blue tube furnaceThermal processesGero-
View Solar simulatorCharacterizationNewport91160 Full Spectrum Solar Simulator
View Solvent Wet benchWet process benches--
View SpectrophotometerCharacterizationShimadzuSolidSpe-3700 DUV
View Steady-state photo capacitanceCharacterizationCustom madeNA
View Stylus profiler - Clean roomCharacterizationBrukerDektakXT-A
View Stylus profilometer - SIMS roomCharacterizationVeecoDektak 8
View Tabletop Maskless Litography/Aligner SystemLithographyHeidelberg instrumentsuPG501
View Temperature Dependent Scanning Probe MicroscopeSurface analysis & TEMNanonicsMV2000
View Thermal evaporatorThin film depositionBalzersBAE 250
View Thin Film XRDCharacterizationPanalytical Empyrean
View Tornado E-beam evaporationThin film depositionPolyteknikTornado 406E
View Transmission powder XRDCharacterizationBrukerD5000
View Tube 1 - 4-stack furnaceThermal processesThermCoThermCo
View Tube 2 - 4-stack furnaceThermal processesThermCoThermCo
View Tube 3 - 4-stack furnaceThermal processesThermCoThermCo
View Tube 4 - 4-stack furnaceThermal processesThermCoThermCo
View Variable-temperature Hall (MEMS room)CharacterizationLakeShoreHMS 7700A
View Warm cabinetThermal processes--
View WaveMaster 830Zi OscilloscopeOther processesLeCroy2010
View WirebonderDevice mountingSignatone2011
View XRDCharacterizationBrukerAXS D8 Discover
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