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Technology Description:

The μPG 501 is a micro pattern generator for direct writing applications. The system can be used for prototyping MEMS, Bio-MEMS, integrated optics, and microfluidics (a prime example is Lab-on-a-Chip devices), or any other application that requires high precision, high-resolution microstructures. The μPG 501 is equipped with a 10W light-emitting diode operating at 390 nm, a 600×800 pixel digital micro-mirror device, and a motorized stage to expose patterns on resist-coated substrates. The μPG 501 can expose standard positive and negative photoresists as well as UV-resists. The Heidelberg Software is compatible with GDSII, DXF, GERBER, CIF, BMP, and STL files.

Technical Information:

Maximum substrate size: 152.5 × 152.5 mm2 (6 × 6 in.2).

Minimum substrate size: 10 × 10 mm2.

Maximum writing area: 125 × 125 mm2.

Substrate thickness: 0 - 6 mm.

Substrate flatness: < ± 20 µm.

Writing Performance:

Minimum feature size: 1 μm.

CD uniformity (3σ): 200 nm.

Write speed: 50 mm²/min.

Address grid: 50 nm.

Line edge roughness (3σ): 100 nm.

Alignment accuracy (3σ): 200 nm.

Sample Preparation Equipment:

Laurell Spin Coater. The photoresist film coating Laurell WS-MZ spinner used is a programmable spinner operating at 100-1200 RPM. A hotplate is used for photoresist baking. A separate training session is required before new users are allowed to work independently with the photoresist coater.

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Tabletop Maskless Litography/Aligner System
MiNaLab Lithography-room
Heidelberg instruments
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