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Technology Description:

The Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory at the University of Oslo (UiO MiNaLab) is equipped with a Shimadzu SolidSpec-3700 DUV with an integrating sphere. It is suitable for transmission, reflection, and scattering measurements of thin films. The sample size should be 5 mm × 5 mm or larger. The system is a double beam spectrometer, using a reference beam to avoid inaccuracies in the measurement from variable light intensity.


Total light transmission.

Specular and diffuse reflection. Performed at a 5º angle.

Diffuse reflection.

Technical Information:

Wavelength range: 185 - 2500 nm.

Spectral resolution: 0.1 nm. Data collection intervals between 0.01 - 5 nm (1 nm commonly used).

Light sources:

  • Deuterium lamp (185 - 285 nm)
  • Tungsten lamp (285 - 2500 nm).

Double beam instrument: Reference beam corrects for fluctuations in, e.g., the light source intensity or detector response, over time.

Detectors to cover the whole range from UV to NIR in the same scan: 

  • Photomultiplier (PM), 185 - 870 nm.
  • InGaAs, 870 - 1650 nm.
  • PbS, 1650 - 2500 nm.

Automatic dark correction: spectrometer automatically corrects measurements in the NIR to account for blackbody radiation from the instrument.




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Clean Room
SolidSpe-3700 DUV
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