Picture of Atomic layer deposition (ALD)
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Sample specification:

Wafer size up to 200 mm diameter and 1 mm thickness. May be any material compatible with vacuum and temperatures of ca. 80-450 C. Must not release moisture under such conditions.

Technology Description:


The ALD technique builds new surfaces by exploiting self-limiting reactions between highly reactive gas molecules and active sites on surfaces. The self-limiting nature of the process ensures conformal and pin-hole free film on surfaces with complex geometries.  The principle behind the technique is to split a chemical reaction between two compounds into a sequential process, where each compound is allowed to saturate a substrate or support in an alternating manner. This strategy provides a digital control of thickness of the deposited material.

Technical Information:

Type: Beneq TFS 200
Materials: Al2O3, ZnO, TiO2
Thickness: sub nm to ca. 400 nm. Backside of substrate may also be partially coated.
Oxygen sources: H2O, O3, plasma


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Atomic layer deposition (ALD)
Clean Room
Plasma deposition
TFS 200- 148
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