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The machine is equipped with a solid-state pulsed nanosecond laser operating a fixed wavelength of 532 nm that is suitable for both scribing and cutting. The sample stage provides a maximum scribing area of 16 x 16 cm2, which is large enough to accommodate commercial 6-inch wafers. User-friendly standard recipes are available for different materials, both as single-line cuts and as 10 x 10 mm patterns. An optical camera system enables automatic sample alignment as well as z-stage aligment. Please note that the standard recipes for the different materials are tailored to ensure a high quality cut, and are the only recipes that should be used. In the case where you need to cut a different material or with a custom pattern, please contact the tool-responsible.

Technical Information:

Laser: Air-cooled, solid-state nanosecond pulsed laser (Class 3).

  • Fixed operating wavelength of 532 nm.
  • Adjustable peak power up to 20 W.
  • Max pulse energy up to 1.2 mJ.
  • Pulse repetition rate: single shot to 100 kHz.
  • Typical pulse duration: 10 - 50 ns.
  • Short (~5 minutes) warm up time.

Laser focus: Automated Z-axis adjustment with precision of 1 micrometer.

Laser alignment: A secondary HeNe laser is also available visualize the desired pattern on the sample prior to cutting.

Sample size: Large sample stage (16 x 16 cm2) permits scribing of large wafers in a single run.


In general, samples should be no more than 2 mm thick. Standard cutting processes have been developed for a variety of materials including:

  • Fused silica and quartz (single-line cut and square patterns with user-defined sizes).
  • Mono- and multi-crystalline silicon (single-line cut and square patterns with user-defined sizes).
  • Al2O3 (0001) wafers (single-line cut and square patterns with user-defined sizes).
  • ZnO (0001) substrates (single-line cut).
  • Ga2O3, both (-201) and (010) oriented wafers (single-line cut).
  • SiC (0001) susbtrates (single-line cut).

Due to potential damage to the machine, scribing or cutting of materials with higly reflective surfaces is not permitted. For untested materials, please contact the tool-responsible to discuss your needs. N2

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Laser cutter - ELAS
MiNaLab Clean Room
Sample preparation
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