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Moorfield MiniLab

Technology Description:

Magnetron sputtering is a technique which can be used for thin film deposition with a wide range of materials – in principle any solid metal or alloy and a variety of compounds. Sputtering is the removal of atomized material from a solid due to energetic bombardment of its surface layers by ions or neutral particles. The Moorfield offers co-deposition of three targets, and multilayer films without breaking vacuum. The Moorfield is intended for processes which are "dirtyer", i.e. all processes which are not epitaxial or involve materials which are not allowed in the Semicore or Flextura.

Technical Information:

Sources: 1 DC and 2 RF

Target size: 3 x 3”

Substrate size: 4” Single wafer chamber, but smaller samples can be mounted on the sample holder.

Substrate heating: 20 ºC - 600 ºC

Gas: Ar, N2 and O2

Materials: wide range of materials allowed, including metal oxides, metal nitrides and metal coatings. 

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Magnetron sputter DC/RF - Moorfield
Clean Room
Thin film deposition
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