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Instrument model:

Leybold L560 e-beam system

Technology Description:

E-beam PVD and thermal evaporation are efficient and user-friendly techniques for depositing high-quality metal contacts, metal- and metal oxide thin films. A crucible containing pellets of the desired material is heated using either an electron beam or resistive heaters to melt the material and cause evaporation. The substrate, mounted in the top of the chamber, will thus be coated with the evaporated material. For applications that require high-quality interfaces and thin films, e-beam PVD is the recommended technique. 

Technical Information:

Sources: 1 E-beam source.

Low vacuum: below <8x10-7 Torr base pressure.

Substrate size: 5” multiple wafers chamber, but smaller samples can be mounted on the sample holder. The chamber allows for batch processing; up to 4x5'' sample holders simultanously. 

Multilayered deposition: Up to 8 different layers can be deposited without breaking vacuum.

Thin film thickness: down to 10 nm thickness is possible. Upper limit is limited by the amount of material that is in the 7cc crucible.

Materials: Ag, Al, Au, Ti, Si, Ni, Pt, Pd. (Al, Si and Ni are included in the hourly price, for other materials please contact the UiO MiNaLab administration).

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Leybold E-beam evaporation
Clean Room
Thin film deposition
L 560 K
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