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Flextura Gate 6 (Annealing chamber). Gate 6 is part of the Flextura cluster that have one load-lock (typical 15 minutes pump-down time), one transfer chamber, two growth chambers, one post-growth annealing chamber (all with base pressures in the range of 10-8 - 10-9 mBar) and one analytical chamber (with base pressure in the range 10-10 - 10-9 mBar). A robotic arm allow for sample handling between the different chambers and thus allow for growth, post-growth annealing and surface-sensitive analysis, all in-situ.

Technology Description:

Post-growth annealing can be imperative in order to obtain the required material properties of the grown thin film. High control of temperature and partial pressure of annealing atmospheres are important for a reproducable process. In Gate 6 of the Flextura cluster we have the possibility to do high-temperature annealing processes in both anion-rich and cation-rich atmospheres. Anion-rich atmospheres are obtained by conventional annealing in gas-environment, typically O2, N2, H2 or a mixture of those, e.g., forming gas. Annealing in a cation-rich atmosphere is obtained by a small 2'' sputter that is mounted in the chamber floor with no line-of-sight to the sample surface.

Technical Information:

Sources: 1 DC

Target size: 1 x 2”

Substrate size: 4” Single wafer chamber, but smaller samples can be mounted on the sample holder.

Substrate heating: 20 ºC - 1000 ºC

Gas: Ar, N2, O2 and H2

Materials: All materials that are grown in the Flextura system, or is introduced for surface-sensitive analysis in Gate 5 (Analysis chamber) are allowed in this chamber. 

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Annealing chamber - Flextura
Clean Room
Thermal processes
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