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FEI Titan 60-300
Surface analysis & TEM
FEI Company
Titan G2 60-300
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Booking Rules

To increase access to the microscopes, the following permanent rules are now being enforced:

1. For the next two weeks (as counted from the coming Monday), two daytime sessions can be reserved per week per microscope. The daytime sessions are from 09.00-13.00 and 13.00-17.00

2. When reserving the microscope more than two weeks ahead of time, only one daytime session can be booked per week.

3. If a daytime session is free, it can be booked after 13.00 the preceding day.

4. The evening sessions and sessions on weekend/public holidays can be booked freely.

Teaching in courses, and organized NORTEM training events take priority and are not subject to these rules.


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