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The Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) instrument at MiNaLab is suitable for high-resolution imaging, semi-quantitative X-ray microanalysis, as well as cathodoluminescence imaging and spectral analyses. The microscope’s low vacuum capability allows observation of non-conductive samples in their natural state, without the need for metal coating. In situ experiments can be performed with the use of a cooling/heating stage at the temperature range -185 °C to 200 °C.


Secondary electron (SE) detector (Everhardt-Thornley, E-T).

Backscattered electron (BSE) detector (Si P-N junction semiconductor detector).

Thermo Scientific Ultra Dry silicon drift X-ray detector (SSD) 60 mm2 with Norvar light element window and energy resolution (MnKα FWHM) at 127.8 eV, running on a Noran System 7 (Pathfinder software) for semi-quantitative elemental analysis and mapping.

Delmic SPARC Cathodoluminescence system, running on the ODEMIS software.

Technical Information:

Sample dimensions: Large chamber accommodating samples up to 200 mm in diameter and 50 mm in height.

Temperature range: -185 °C to 200 °C. Gatan C1002 cooling/heating stage and temperature controller Gatan Model 10905.

Motorized stage: 5-axis motorized stage with eucentric tilt (-10 to 65°) and 360° rotation.

Electron gun: Thermionic-emission LaB6 electron gun.

Accelerating Voltage: 0.3 – 30 kV.

Resolution: 3 nm (30 kV, WD 8 mm, SE); 4 nm (30 kV, WD 5 mm, 10 Pa, BSE).

Magnification: 5 – 300k ×.

Low Vacuum Mode: 10 – 650 Pa.

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IT-300 SEM
SEM-room MiNaLab
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