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Instrument model:

Roffin-SINAR CL Flexible laser cutter.

Technology Description:

The machine is equipped with a solid-state pulsed laser operating a fixed wavelength of 532 nm that is suitable for both scribing and cutting. The sample stage provides a maximum scribing area of 15 x 15 cm2, which is large enough to accommodate commercial 6-inch wafers. The Visual Laser Marker software allows adjustment of select laser parameters, including the peak power, cutting speed, and repetition rate, to ensure a clean cut while minimizing damage at the edges. Marking lines and patterns are visualized prior to execution of the cut using a low power HeNe laser. In addition, the HeNe laser can be used to help align the sample on the stage.

Technical Information:

Laser: Air-cooled, solid-state nanosecond pulsed laser (Class 3).

  • Fixed operating wavelength of 532 nm.
  • Adjustable peak power up to 16 W.
  • Short (~5 minutes) warm up time.

Laser focus: Adjustable laser focus. Z-axis adjustment in increments of 0.01 mm, for cutting through thick (~1-2 mm) samples.

Laser alignment: Secondary HeNe laser to visualize the desired pattern on the sample prior to cutting.

Sample size: Large sample stage (15 x 15 cm2) permits scribing of large wafers in a single run.


In general, samples should be no more than 2 mm thick. Routine cutting processes have been developed for a variety of materials including:

  • Fused silica and quartz (for thin film substrates).
  • Mono- and multi-crystalline silicon.
  • Transparent oxide semiconductors, including monoclinic Ga2O3, both (-201) and (010) surface orientation, wurtzite ZnO and Al2O3, as well as rutile TiO2.

Due to potential damage to the machine, scribing or cutting of materials with higly reflective surfaces is not permitted. For untested materials, please contat the Lab manager to discuss your needs.

Tool name:
Laser Cutter - Roffin
Clean Room
Sample preparation
PL E 25 SHG CL Flex
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