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Rofin scribing laser. Intended use is scribing and cutting. It could also be used for localized annealing.

Material classes: Si, Glass, Quartz. Hard materials have proven to be easier to cut without deformation than ductile materials, such as Stainless steel and aluminium. Ductile materials have a tendency to buckle if heated too much. In order to reduce such effects keep a high scanning speed and high power/low frequency to maximize ablation and minimize heating of the sample.

Specs: max 32A, 16W.
532nm, green light.
Scribing area 15*15cm
A sample stage for wafers of size 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” is mounted in the machine.
The laser will not refocus for different depths while scribing. Therefore only horizontal surfaces can be scribed.
Minimum slot width is approximately 30μm.
The edge roughness is, after deburring, approximately 2μm.
Several mm thick wafers can be cut with proper settings.

Notice: Scribing reflective surfaces might not work very well and could potentially damage the machine. Do not try to scribe chrome and other highly reflective surfaces.

For cutting new materials you will often need a test run before committing to cutting your sample.
Proper training is obligatory before use.

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Laser Cutter
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PL E 25 SHG CL Flex
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