The LIMS system is in use by three national infrastructures nodes located at the University of Oslo: NorFab, NORTEM and RECX.

UiO MiNaLab is the local lab of NorFab and consists of one cleanroom floor and six laboratories with advanced synthesis, processing and analytical equipment, particularly suitable for semiconductors and material science. The facilities are hosted by the LENS group at Dept. of Physics, focusing on application-motivated basic research within semiconductor physics (Website). The most essential research areas are solar cell technology, semiconductor nanoscience and -technology, MOEMS, wide bandgap semiconductors and transparent conductive oxides.

If you are interested in carrying out experimental work within UiO-MiNaLab through NorFab, please fill out the activity form and register as a LIMS user. Your activity form will be evaluated by our staff and if it is approved we will contact you to arrange cleanroom training.

For more information regarding the other national infrastructures see RECX and NORTEM websites.

To registrer as a LIMS-user click the link on User access on the top of this page.